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Daniel “granQ” Granquist, Project leader, coding
Steel Rat, Models & Textures
subroc, Models & Textures
Ulfen, Models & Textures
Vc90, <Models & Textures
d0kefish, Models & Textures
Joakim MellergÄrdh, Models & Textures
Mr. Icy, Models & Textures
Head, Coding & scripts
Brisse, Coding & scripts
RPGPrayer, Models
Tonner, Models
Martin, Models Homepage/
Grip, Island maker
Engen, 2d art
Zip, Homepage
Julvort, Fixes
Daffman, Santa’s little helper

Honorary members:

Oden, Long timer that helped in many ways.
Vilas, for donating and making several models for SFP.
eltomten, for hosting of SVN.

Former team members:

Ugga, Models & Textures
Kungtotte, Code
sole, Models & Textures
nominesine, World editing
anders Sound
robertlind Sound (Voices)
Stiltman, Code
Tobe, Models & Textures
karlalfred88, Models & Textures
Snabel, Models
nkai Music, models
gYMO, World editing
Redkid, Animations
Cribban, Models
AOT2100, Models