SFP now supported at Planned Assault

Posted 10:31 by granQ

The boys over at Planned Assault have recently added support for our addons. Their impressive web tool for generating missions is definitely worth checking out.

From Planned Assault.

“The Swedish Forces Pack (SFP) involves a really extensive set of units ranging from infantry in M90 ‘splinter’ woodland, desert and winter camouflage, the R32GM Galten patrol vehicle, the Sisu APCs, the CV90 family of tracked armored IFVs, air-defense vehicles and mobile mortar systems, to the Swedish Leopard 2 main battle tank variants. The air is covered by the JAS39 Gripen and Swedish Hercules fixed-wing aircraft are supported by Swedish NH90 and Augusta variants.
PlannedAssault supports the majority of these units, with the following exceptions: the Grkpbv 120 CV90 mortar system is treated as static artillery, the transport aircraft and ships are not useful until I’ve added the ability generate ‘air assault’ and amphibious missions, and the crew served weapon such as the RBS 56 (BILL 2) are ignored because the Arma2 AI cannot move them autonomously. Nevertheless, there’s plenty of fun to be had, as can be seen below.”

So all should go and check them out at their own homepage.