SFP: 2015 & 1981 Preview release

Posted 01:59 by granQ

Its been some time since we released our 2015 addons, after that we been busy at www.anrop.se playing and playing in order to find bugs and now its getting very stable.
So we decided to release an updated version of Swedish Forces Pack, for the 2015 we got airplanes, tanks, boats you name it and they been tested, not for visual quality but to make sure there isn’t any bugs that will ruin your gameplay. At least we hope.

Included in this release is also some of the upcoming addons for the 1981 scenario, it includes the famous Swedish turretless designed tank known as “the S-tank”, some all terrain vehicles and helicopters. The full release will have much more vehicles and updated soldier model.

It also comes with a very very early preview version of Sturko island, this is based on the real location on where a soviet submarine went aground 1981. However we need help, specially with the satelite textures. We hope that despite the early, buggy version someone will get inspired and join us.

We always looking for people to join us, with or without talent, Swedish or non-swedish. Military or civillian fan.. for us addon making is about the creative process and everyone is welcomed.

The latest download you find as always in the download section.