Public Beta 2015 patched.

Posted 09:00 by granQ

Some minor fixes have been done to the 2015 content while the team is mostly busy with the 1981 upcoming content.
From the changelog.

* Real sounds of the AK 5 (FN FNC), Ksp 58 (FN MAG, Ksp 90 (FN Mini).
* New hand anims on the AK 5.
* The sk 60 CAS now have a navigator that can use the FLIR.

* Adjusted sight on Ptgb 6 (Tksp)
* Adjusted the sight on the AK 5.
* Choppers went semi-transparent in dust.
* The Automatic Rifleman’s shadow was broken.
* Machinegunner didn’t have the pistol as backup.
* Fixed cargo animation on several vehicles.
* The koger now works.

For download. Visit the download page.