Public Beta

Posted 12:25 by engen

Swedish Forces Pack

SFP 2015 Public Beta

After months of work we feel its time to share. This release covers most of our ambition of soldiers, weapons for the 2015 scenario (A 1981 scenario is also coming later).
It is however full with bugs, there of the name beta. However we think people can have some fun, get a taste of what is coming.
Currently including:
    • 2 Aircrafts, Saab JAS 39 Griffin and the Saab 105 in a “counter insurgency” configuration.
    • 2 helicopters, the NH 90 and the A109.
    • Several armored vehicles including the Leo 2 and the Swedish Cv 90.
    • The RGM 32 patrol vehicle.
    • Soldiers in desert, woodland and winter uniforms.
    • Several weapons.
Our team is also looking for new talents and we are looking to fill this positions:
    • ACE/config expert. (To make a separate fully compatible config for ACE)
    • More players
    • Mission editors
    • Config fixers
    • Documentation writers
    • More modellers, esp for the 1981 scenario
    • Textures, to improve our current models.
    • World editors, to help out with the Swedish island currently in progress.

For download. Visit the download page.