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Operation Arrowhead:

SFP Final Release

The final release of SFP for ArmA2.

Downloads (1,4 gb)

Requires: Community Base Addons, ACRE

SFP Lite For ACE

The first release for Operation Arrowhead. Includes the 2015 vehicles and soldiers.

Downloads (86 mb)

Requires: ACE Mod

ArmA 2:

SFP X-mas release 2009

Released as an early demo for the Swedish community. Since its an early demo, no documentation exists and there are many bugs.

Downloads (80 mb)

Requires: Community Base Addons

Armed Assault:

SFP5 Revision 15

The latest and last release for Armed Assault includes several vehicles and some OPFOR soldiers.

SFP5 Revision 15 (176 mb)

Operation Flashpoint:

Swedish Force Pack 4.1.7

Over 50 small arms and support weapons are available, over 250 soldiers to choose from in the mission editor. You can drive around the country-side in 5 different vehicles, roll around safely in 10 different armoured vehicles, or soar above the battlefield in one of the 9 aircraft available.

Swedish Force Pack 4.1.7 (250 mb)

Recommended additional addons:
Mission pack for SFP (3.4 mb)
Swedish voices by Darkstar (49.1 mb)