Posted 06:46 by granQ

Nordin, beta tester
Daffman, beta tester
Chris Acrobat, beta tester
Finarvas, beta testerl
Killswitch, Help with coding
[APS]Gnat, Help with coding
AfrographX, Donation of model
Smartdrv, Donation of model
Rocket, Donation of model
SFC. Itzhak Donation of model
Tophe, Music
Smookie, Bundle of new animations
Eekster, Donation of models
supah, Textures and being helpful
Sander, Missions
theonlyofme, RBS 70 expertise
theShadow, for being the biggest “fan” of SFP :)

Other mods we would like to send a special thank:
Project: RACS
Silent Hero (For Battlefield 1942)