SFP Final Release for ArmA 2

Posted 09:52 by granQ

We now move on to ArmA3 but before we go, get our last release from the download section.

Not all things will be carried over to ArmA3, thats one thing thats for sure but we hope to add new content and cool features.

Thanks to paecmaker for this great trailer of our mod.


Swedish National day!

Posted 10:19 by granQ

We celebrate this with a massive update, including several new vehicles, missions and fixes.

There are no excuses, just download and try it out.

SFP: 2015 & 1981 Preview release

Posted 01:59 by granQ

Its been some time since we released our 2015 addons, after that we been busy at www.anrop.se playing and playing in order to find bugs and now its getting very stable.
So we decided to release an updated version of Swedish Forces Pack, for the 2015 we got airplanes, tanks, boats you name it and they been tested, not for visual quality but to make sure there isn’t any bugs that will ruin your gameplay. At least we hope.

Included in this release is also some of the upcoming addons for the 1981 scenario, it includes the famous Swedish turretless designed tank known as “the S-tank”, some all terrain vehicles and helicopters. The full release will have much more vehicles and updated soldier model.

It also comes with a very very early preview version of Sturko island, this is based on the real location on where a soviet submarine went aground 1981. However we need help, specially with the satelite textures. We hope that despite the early, buggy version someone will get inspired and join us.

We always looking for people to join us, with or without talent, Swedish or non-swedish. Military or civillian fan.. for us addon making is about the creative process and everyone is welcomed.

The latest download you find as always in the download section.

SFP Lite for ACE mod

Posted 00:19 by granQ

Many people have asked us to make SFP for ACE but we don’t however we do listen on our fans so we put this lite version out (80 mb download only) and contains the basic rifle, machinegun, soldiers and a vehicle. All you need for some great coop missions. Right now we won’t promise to make any of the other vehicles avalible for ACE but if you as fans make great coop, we will of course feel forced to provide you with more.

Desert soldiers
Combat vehicle 90

Public Beta 2015 patched.

Posted 09:00 by granQ

Some minor fixes have been done to the 2015 content while the team is mostly busy with the 1981 upcoming content.
From the changelog.

* Real sounds of the AK 5 (FN FNC), Ksp 58 (FN MAG, Ksp 90 (FN Mini).
* New hand anims on the AK 5.
* The sk 60 CAS now have a navigator that can use the FLIR.

* Adjusted sight on Ptgb 6 (Tksp)
* Adjusted the sight on the AK 5.
* Choppers went semi-transparent in dust.
* The Automatic Rifleman’s shadow was broken.
* Machinegunner didn’t have the pistol as backup.
* Fixed cargo animation on several vehicles.
* The koger now works.

For download. Visit the download page.

SFP now supported at Planned Assault

Posted 10:31 by granQ

The boys over at Planned Assault have recently added support for our addons. Their impressive web tool for generating missions is definitely worth checking out.

From Planned Assault.

“The Swedish Forces Pack (SFP) involves a really extensive set of units ranging from infantry in M90 ‘splinter’ woodland, desert and winter camouflage, the R32GM Galten patrol vehicle, the Sisu APCs, the CV90 family of tracked armored IFVs, air-defense vehicles and mobile mortar systems, to the Swedish Leopard 2 main battle tank variants. The air is covered by the JAS39 Gripen and Swedish Hercules fixed-wing aircraft are supported by Swedish NH90 and Augusta variants.
PlannedAssault supports the majority of these units, with the following exceptions: the Grkpbv 120 CV90 mortar system is treated as static artillery, the transport aircraft and ships are not useful until I’ve added the ability generate ‘air assault’ and amphibious missions, and the crew served weapon such as the RBS 56 (BILL 2) are ignored because the Arma2 AI cannot move them autonomously. Nevertheless, there’s plenty of fun to be had, as can be seen below.”

So all should go and check them out at their own homepage.

Public Beta

Posted 12:25 by engen

Swedish Forces Pack

SFP 2015 Public Beta

After months of work we feel its time to share. This release covers most of our ambition of soldiers, weapons for the 2015 scenario (A 1981 scenario is also coming later).
It is however full with bugs, there of the name beta. However we think people can have some fun, get a taste of what is coming.
Currently including:
    • 2 Aircrafts, Saab JAS 39 Griffin and the Saab 105 in a “counter insurgency” configuration.
    • 2 helicopters, the NH 90 and the A109.
    • Several armored vehicles including the Leo 2 and the Swedish Cv 90.
    • The RGM 32 patrol vehicle.
    • Soldiers in desert, woodland and winter uniforms.
    • Several weapons.
Our team is also looking for new talents and we are looking to fill this positions:
    • ACE/config expert. (To make a separate fully compatible config for ACE)
    • More players
    • Mission editors
    • Config fixers
    • Documentation writers
    • More modellers, esp for the 1981 scenario
    • Textures, to improve our current models.
    • World editors, to help out with the Swedish island currently in progress.

For download. Visit the download page.

Time for a Sneak peak..

Posted 13:19 by granQ

The SFP release for Arrowhead is just around the corner and here comes a small sneak peak.

SFP presents the Giraffe

Posted 22:41 by engen

In this Camp Protection Scenario there is a Giraffe protecting a village. The giraffe can be placed in the editor and then ingame the player can activate the radar to provide survillance for its side and warning in case of incoming artillery.